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Your organization is unique. Standard, off-the-shelf solutions are not what you want or what your business needs. You require a solution tailored to meet your specific situation and your detailed performance objectives. You need QUEST.

Working together, our team will evaluate your operations, your competition, and your opportunities. Hand-in-hand we’ll develop the appropriate strategies and programs that will most effectively deliver the results you expect. QUEST is ready to assist your company with:
        · Business and marketing plans
        · Brand development and diagnostics
        · Project planning and management
        · Market research, studies, and analysis
        · Proposal development and production
        · Public relations and outreach
        · Event planning
        · Marketing ideas and implementation

Business and marketing plans
You began your company with creative ideas and a bold plan, yet now you may need more. If you are looking to expand your service capabilities or target a new customer base, QUEST is prepared to help you with your business and marketing plans. We have expertise in:
        ·Operations analysis
        ·Strategic planning facilitation
        ·Marketing strategy and programs
        ·Business policy and plan development

Brand development and diagnostics
How is your company and its products and services viewed by your customers, your competition, and your community? Effective band development and a periodic image tune-up may be just what your company needs. QUEST can help you with:
        ·Positioning and branding
        ·New product and service roll-outs
        ·Channel analysis and development
        ·Customer referral and retention

Project planning and management
It has been said that you get what you inspect, not what you expect. A carefully engineered plan and the proper execution tools and performance measures are prerequisites for project success. Whether you need experts in program planning or quality resources to carry out important business initiatives, QUEST stands ready to assist you with:
        ·Project estimating and costing
        ·Project implementation
        ·Program management and analysis
        ·Metrics development and execution

Market research, studies, and analysis
Wanting to break into a new market or improve your current operations? Our comprehensive market research and studies development capabilities enable you to make informed, intelligent decisions that drive significant and measurable business improvements. QUEST will partner with you to conduct:
        ·Project prioritization and resource definition
        ·Market assessments and segmentation analysis
        ·Case study development
        ·Customer and employee satisfaction assessments

Proposal development and production
If your company plans to expand its services and bid on new work, QUEST is your expert for developing high quality proposals and presentations that meet the needs of the most discriminating customer. Knowledge of both government and business solicitations is our forte. We can lead you through:         ·Themes and strategies identification and analysis
        ·Schedule and storyboard development
        ·Proposal development and production
        ·Presentation coaching

Public relations and outreach
QUEST can help manage all facets of your communications program, from research and planning to execution and measurement. We ensure you effectively establish and maintain contact with the internal and external audiences that impact the success of your business. A sampling of our services includes:
        ·Press release development and distribution
        ·Media relations, press kits, and interview preparation
        ·Community program and activity support
        ·Corporate recognition and awards

Event planning
Throwing a party seems like a simple task until a company realizes it needs a professional emcee, gourmet dinners for 800, skybox sports tickets, crystal awards, media coverage, underwriters, or even a petting zoo. QUEST provides the venue, caterers, merchandisers, and staff you need to host an exceptional, high profile event or an intimate dinner meeting. A few of our event catagories include:
        ·Receptions and galas
        ·Corporate meetings, events, picnics
        ·Recruiting and client events

Marketing ideas and implementation
QUEST taps into the expertise of area professionals through its relationships with design firms, print houses, photographers, and more. Through our comprehensive network we can assist you with full-service advertising, print, broadcast, and online campaigns and media purchasing. Specific services may include:
        ·Promotional collateral development
        ·Logo and brand design
        ·Sales kits
        ·Specialty services (voiceover, scripts, photo shoots)

QUEST – Forging ahead to your future.